I am an electrician, and I have been living with HIV for the past fifteen years. That afternoon when I got the news, I was in shock. I left the doctor’s office and wandered aimlessly along the streets, all night long. When I finally came to my senses, it was dawn.

I decided to fight to remain in the best physical, emotional, and psychological condition I could during the time I had left on this planet. I promised myself that the virus would never defeat me. I decided to be tough.

It doesn’t matter if the virus came to my life or if I went out looking for it. I just live like anybody else. I love to exercise, not only because it is good for my health, but also because I always wanted to have the body of a wrestler.

The years I have spent living with HIV have taught me to be more humble, respectful, and humane. My greatest satisfaction now is to help other people get medical care. We who live with HIV do not ask for special privileges, only that our rights be respected.