C.L. (she/her) is originally from Texas and has been living in Seattle for three years, off and on. She self-identifies as a nonbinary transfemme and has been living with HIV for eight years. She is currently studying psychology, and is an ayurvedic practitioner and a licensed massage therapist. She also serves as the president of the Queer Astrology Club and as a teacher at Portland School of Astrology.

A wildly creative and passionate multimedia artist, writer, and poet, Through Positive Eyes is C.L.'s first time including her life with HIV/AIDS in a form of self-expression that she shares with the world. Her story is a profound journey of radical self-discovery, and she’s excited to share the “neurobiological mechanisms I’ve begun to employ to deal with chronic psychological stressors” with the audiences. As a Through Positive Eyes artivist, she sees her work as another way to grow in her healing journey.

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