At the clinic, my husband came in and was told that I was positive. He said, “Not my wife! Maybe there’s a mistake somewhere.” But when I tested again, it still came back positive. I did the test seven times with different labs. “Where did I get it from? I’ve never cheated. Why me?” I could not understand.

I wasn’t thinking of myself. I was thinking of the baby that was inside of me. I was sure my baby was going to die. I was very scared. Now the girl is very big. She’s OK. She’s perfect. And this woman has picked up the pieces of her life.

I used to be heartbroken. But now I call myself “the chosen one.” I know I am positive, and I’m going to live positively.

When I separated from my husband I said, “I’m going to change everything about myself.” I had loved Reggae ever since I was a small child. I loved Bob Marley. I loved his music. His words always comforted me very much. I’m a new person now. I am proud to wear my colors. I love being a Rastafarian because, even if I’m positive, my fellow brothers and sisters love me and I love them.