I was a beautiful young girl with a charming smile. All the men loved me. When I was nineteen, I had a strange feeling in my wrist. I went to the clinic to get treatment, and the doctor told me that I had a sexually transmitted infection caused by unprotected sex. I was shocked because I didn’t know what an STI was. And then, the assistant nurse told me I needed to take a blood test for HIV. That’s when I found out that I’m HIV-positive.

I decided to disclose my status to my partner. But he didn’t take it well. He blamed me. And we fought a lot. I made a decision then to use a rope to take my life, but God was there for me. I didn’t do it. I decided to go to my grandmother and disclose my status to her. After that, I started my life afresh.

I found a project near my home and worked there as a caregiver. I got the opportunity to take a course of study called “Home-based Care and Counseling.” I disclosed my status to my chair lady. She was a good listener. She gave me good support. And thereafter, I went back to the clinic and started the medication called ARVs. I lived a healthy lifestyle, and I joined an ongoing program with a support group.

After that, my partner realized that I’m still alive. He came back to his senses. And then he, too, went to take the test. I gave him my support to do that and to start the ARVs when he received the news about his own HIV. Now, we are both on the medication. We are happy together with our family. So everything is going well.