Positively Positive portrait

Positively Positive

Seattle, United States


Positively Positive (they/them) Positively Positive Education Productions, LLC and {multiply marginalized} black, queer, transgender, HIV+ since birth, Asexual, Aromantic and a survivor of childhood violence.

Positively Positive is {asexual} typically they do not experience sexual feelings, desires nor are sexually attracted to anyone. Positively Positive is {aromantic} because typically they have no interests or desires for romantic relationships.

{Asexuals} and {Aromantics} are a demographic {part of the LGBTQ community} missing from the overall conversation so Positively Positive bridges that gap.

Sign up for virtual experiences and public events wherein Seattle artivists share their photography and personal stories about living with HIV, and encourage participants to join the efforts to banish stigma—a major roadblock to both prevention and treatment.