I started sex work when I was sixteen years old. Sometimes clients didn’t understand and they got mad. They even curse at you. But the boss would never let anyone hit you. If they are with you for a minute they pay $10, and it could be less or more. I felt trapped, it was hard, but I got used to the job. From the moment I found out I was pregnant I stopped doing it. I found out I had HIV in January 2014. At first, I felt confused and bad, because I had done a test that came out negative, then went back again and the test came out positive.

Some people living with HIV feel they are not part of this world, but for me it feels the same. My friends help me, and my boyfriend is there, too. For me, I see the world the same way I saw it before. I go to the hospital every month, they give me medication, and they also give me other medication because I am pregnant. What I want, from taking all the medicine, is for the baby to be born healthy. They say that if I take all the medicine they tell me to take, the baby has a big chance of not having HIV in her blood. When she grows up, I wish that she will not do the same work I did and that she will be a good citizen.